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Зустрічайте новорічну лімітовану серію!



Открылся магазин-кафе Корисна Кондитерська від СТЕВІЯСАН

About us


STEVIASUN Corporation is a national producer of healthy food, which is known far outside Ukraine. History of the company has started back in 1993, and today consumers are well acquainted with its products such as a natural sweetener "BAKTOSILA", "Stevia thick extract", a series of herbal tea  by STEVIASUN on the basis of hibiscus and stevia, "Solodkiy Skhid" on the basis of green tea and "Sam Sobі Lіkar” – stevia-based products series.

At the end of 2008 the company introduced brand new confectionery products "Korysna Konditerska" TM to  Ukrainian market, which now are represented in retail outlets throughout Ukraine and have already found market acceptance.

The company's activity is based on world experience of stevia (Stevia rebuadiana Bertoni) utilization. It is a small emerald plant known all over the world for more than 1500 years. Scientists around the world gave credit to the unique properties of the "therapeutic product" for centuries since it is 30 times sweeter than sugar while containing zero calories. It is stevia that became a well of life for residents of Japan after the nuclear tragedy in 1945.

All the technological researches of the STEVIASUN are based on experience of the private laboratories of the former Soviet Union in studying the properties of  Stevia, with due regard to the current experience of  scientists in Japan, USA, UK, and supported by preclinical and clinical studies by the leading institutions of Ukraine.

Unique bio-technologies allow STEVIASUN Corporation to offer the customers wide range of products which are not just healthy, but also delicious.

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